Every brand needs to communicate its core value proposition as one of the key aspects of building a brand. The brand strategy team at Granddad Communications deploys appropriate tactics to achieve strategic results with consumer behavior understanding to ensure the brand stays consistent with its value proposition. Every campaign and strategy behind the communication is carefully passed through this funnel of continuous testing with qualitative and quantitative research data and offering the most effective strategic brand management services in Hyderabad. Furthermore, the team also specializes in launching new brands as well as repositioning & re-energizing existing brands.


A successful brand is a result of an intelligent design built by a scientific-art approach, which adds value to the strength that each brand possesses. Our branding solutions will take your business forward. At Granddad Communications, From naming your brand to creating communication around the strategy designed by us that works for your brands, our strength lies in each aspect of branding strategies, that are unique in their approach.


Branding at Granddad Communications is about different services and approaches to get the best results to the brands by not just having meaningful and memorable brands names and semiotics but have a modern-day corporate identity by the successful implementation of the strategic measure we take through our rigorous research about the industry and the consumer behavior that’ll help the brand to achieve its mission and vision.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is often misinterpreted as an exercise where the company logo, design, and color scheme are changed. Naturally, these are the important elements to evaluate a brand and potentially change at a later stage once the strategy has been decided. Corporate branding is a serious undertaking that requires more skill and activities than just an updated glossy marketing facade with empty jargon.

A strong corporate branding strategy adds a significant value in terms of creating a unique and greater position for the brand in the marketplace of the company and its brands. Corporate branding strategy can enable the brand to further leverage its tangible and non-tangible assets leading to branding excellence throughout the corporation.

There are numerable unique corporate brands. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Disney, Facebook, Google in recent years acquired a vast number of companies across the globe and made themselves an international corporate brand with great success and within a short timeframe.


An ancient proverb says: “If you don’t have a goal, how can you know when you have arrived?”. In order to establish and grow a corporate brand successfully, our team at Granddad Communications will track and measure the strength of the current corporate brand and the entire brand portfolio. Research to understand the business landscape in more depth and serves as a foundation for the future corporate brand strategy. Our team at Granddad Communications gets a market and customer-driven perspective of the brand portfolio including the corporate brand on the basis of their research which they try to reflect on every phase of Branding activity.

Personal Branding


Every Person is a brand and is unique with their own values, vision, and mission. Marketing yourself as a brand is a great way to build trust and grow your influence and trust among the target audience. Leveraging brand marketing to boost your customers’ business, trust and loyalty can be done with the brand team at Granddad Communications. With right mix of strategic brand marketing and personal branding can help you reach, connect and captivate more of you ideal target audience.


We deliver your story and values through our creative storytelling to reach the hearts and minds of your ideal audience through visual communications.


Employer Branding:

Best Brands attract the best-talented people in their industry. Our people are your biggest asset who helps us to deliver positive experiences to clients and customers. Finding the right employees and attracting them to your team/organization is a great recruitment strategy.


We at Granddad Communications, Help you to articulate the same thing in a strategic and creative way, so you can attract the best talent to drive your growth.

Packaging Design

Packaging these days is as important as the product that you build or produce. Audience value has started reviewing the packaging of a product as well. Any product review in any platform starts with the packaging of the product. The packaging is not just about the design, It’s a combination of art and science. Effective packaging can help to get the desired attention from our potential target audience. A great product with a bad package design could merge us with the mass products that are available in the market-leading our product to get lost in the crowd.

At Granddad Communications, Our team does research for insights and every package design project we undertake is well-researched with consumer behavior and semiotics based on the brand personality. The right packaging will help your product stand out from the clutter of thousands of products at the store.


Our Packaging Approach

what's inside makes what’s outside


Understanding the product is the first step in Package Design. Our team understands the product and the consumer behavior towards this category of product and then moves towards the art table. Our Strategic research-oriented approach always gives your brand a competitive advantage.


Not just Knowing, Understanding the consumer

Understanding the consumer is the second step to determine the design factors like shape, size, material and functionality of the packaging. We try to keep the end result, delightful for both the brand and the consumer.


Content on the Package

When we are through with the initial two phases, we move to the third one. We, then, settle on all necessary product information, mandatory statutory information, and brand guidelines to be carried on the pack.

Material Selection

Amazing Packaging Design is just comparable to winning a half the fight. The other half involves the correct materials. Along these lines, aside from suggesting the size and state of the packaging, we also recommend the materials to be utilized.


Internal Branding

All the posters we see inside the stores add up to the personality of the space and the brand. Here at, Granddad Communications we take up internal branding projects to help brands to maintain their brand personality and constantly motivate and keep informed to their employees about the goal and brand personality of the Organization. This also helps in the productivity of the team working in that particular space. From brochures to coffee mugs, pens to wall posters everything adds up to corporate and internal branding which gives your brand an appealing personality. Which builds a long-lasting personality of your brand.

As Hyderabad’s best branding agency, we offer branding for retail stores to corporate offices. We utilize modern designing tools to create unique designs on the interior walls of malls, offices, shopping centers, and other retail entities.

At Granddad Communications, we accept that in Retail purchaser experience and inward group for corporates is the most indispensable factor for improving your primary concern. Accordingly, we give an extensive cluster of arrangements going from the study of your retail outlet or corporate office to proposing the best situating and plan/perceivability choices for inside marking. Based on your inputs and experience, our team along with the designers will then work on varied attention-grabbing, thought-provoking designs.


We let your brand undergo,




This helps you determine the strength of your brand and its inconsistencies along with the opportunities for improvement and new developments.


Brand Strategy is a long-term plan which is achieved by tactics for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve your business goals.


Brand Identity the components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface) that are created by the business to reflect the value of the company


Brand Positioning is the place in the consumer’s mind that you want your brand to own. It is the benefit you want your consumer to perceive

What We Deliver:

Brand Strategy

Naming & Logos


Brand Identity

Research & Analysis

Environmental/space branding

Brand Positioning

Brand Guidleines

Retail branding

Brand Semiotic strategy


Visual Identity Systems