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Local SEO for Electricians

Bring more customers by executing basic SEO steps to your Electricians Services

Electricians: Lighting Up Your Life and Business

As long as the lighting and wiring in your home or workplace are working, you will not think about hiring an electrician. However, the moment something goes wrong, you will be immediately looking for a local electrician to fix the problem. Finding the right electrician, who can do quality work with minimal disruption and at an affordable cost is important.

Use Local Directory Citations to Get Found By Customers:

The local electrician marketplace is extremely competitive. This makes it necessary that you get found before your competition. That is why you should opt for citations in local business directories. Look to include your business NAP in general and niche directories. Tribe Local is a one-stop platform for building and monitoring citations in directories. It gives you seamless access to 100+ online directories to make the entire process of citation building and tracking simple, quick, and convenient.

Ask Happy Customers to Leave GMB Reviews:

There is no better way to climb up local search rankings than online reviews. So, request customers to leave reviews on your Google My Business page. Tribe Local can help track these reviews and also find out the actions your customers are taking on your GMB page. Just make it a point to respond to both positive and negative reviews to create a favorable impression about your business. It shows that you care about your customers.

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The demand for skilled electricians in any city or town is very high. This is because homeowners and businesses will regularly need the services of an electrician, and when they do require one, they will go online to look for an electrician. That is why local SEO for electricians is not just important, but a necessity.

When you opt for search engine optimization, you will be able to reach out to new customers and meet their electrical needs. SEO helps your electrical business gain more prominence in the online realm by making you visible. Once you optimize your business for search engines, they will be able to read your pages and then rank them for the keywords and long-tail keywords that you use. The higher your electrical business website ranks in the search engine, the more likely it is that prospective customers will find and choose your services.

1. Importance of SEO for Electricians

With deep internet penetration and the advent of smartphones, most consumers turn to the internet to find the right product and service. They just enter a few words into the search field and then check the results. If they find a local provider who can meet their needs, they click on that link to get in touch with the provider.

A typical consumer will not have the patience to browse endlessly to find the right service provider. Research shows that 71 percent of searchers restrict themselves to the first page of the search engine results page and about 68 percent will check out one of the first five results that they see.

These figures highlight the importance of local SEO. By using the right keywords and optimizing your site for search engines, it helps to improve your site’s ranking for those keywords. As a result, it helps people find your business, gets you new leads, and also allows you to find more customers who require electrical work.

2. Getting Started with Local SEO for Electricians

It is important for a local electrician to realize that SEO is a multi-pronged approach. You need to do several things simultaneously to optimize your website for search engines. Some of the things that you can do are as follows:

3. Keyword Research

Any SEO plan begins with a keyword search. You need to figure out the words and terms prospective customers use to find electricians online. Since you are targeting the local market, it is imperative you find keywords that go with your town or city name. List down the keywords you can think of, like electrical wiring Harrisburg PA and electrical work Oakland CA.

Then use Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool by Google that allows finding more keywords based on your basic input. This way, you will be able to list down the relevant keywords for your electrical business.

4. Build Citations

As a part of local SEO, don’t neglect citations. These refer to listings in online business directories, where your business name, address, and phone number, or NAP, are listed. While it is important to build citations in general directories like the Chamber of Commerce, don’t forget about industry-specific directories. It is important that while creating citations, your contact information is consistent across all directories. Otherwise, you risk not being found online.

As an electrician, look to get your business NAP onto elocal.com, the local chapter of BBB, and your state’s electrical association. These will help local consumers to find your website more easily.

However, do remember that some listings are free while others are paid. If you are going for a paid business directory listing, ensure check Google Analytics. This will give you an idea of the directory is driving traffic and helping in conversions.

Creating citations can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, with Tribe Local, you will find the entire process of citation building and monitoring extremely easy. It is a single dashboard to manage all your citations across 100+ niche, local and national directories.

5. Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business page functions like a mini-website on Google. It is located in the Maps section of Google and offers a brief overview of your business. It helps to boost your online presence and ranking.

So, go right ahead and claim the GMB listing. To claim, you will need to verify it. Once that is done, you can begin filling in the listing by entering NAP, which should be the same as what you have in directories and your website. Make sure you insert a local number rather than a toll-free 800 number. This shows you are a local electrician.

Select the categories carefully. While you should opt for the primary category of an Electrician, list down all the other services you provide. You should be looking to select about three to five categories.

Write a 100 to 200-word description of your business. Don’t forget to insert keywords naturally into the text along with the name of the city. In the hour's section, mention the accurate office hours, and it should be the same as what is mentioned across the internet.

Google now gives importance to images as they boost customer engagement. Hence, adding clear photographs of your technicians, offices and even happy customers will work to your advantage. Make sure you get permission from your customers before posting their images.

6. Request Customers for Online Reviews

Reviews by customers have an important role to play in local SEO. This gives search engine assurance that you are running a legitimate business. Get happy customers to post reviews on your Google My Business page. You can do this by sending them the link to your GMB page via email.

Once you have five reviews, they will get listed on your Google My Business page and this will boost your search engine ranking and drive local traffic to your site. If you have optimized your listing on GMB properly, you will end up in the local three-pack.

Respond to every review, be it positive or negative. When you answer negative reviews, it shows you care what your customers think about your business. Offer negative reviewers a freebie and they would be more than happy to come back and change their reviews. Just ensure you do their work right this time around.

7. Add Fresh Content Regularly

Make sure you write informative blogs and post on your site regularly. Google has a penchant for high-quality content and this not only helps drive more traffic to your website, but you will also climb up the search engine rankings.

Be sure to use the research intent keywords in your blog posts so that you can rank for them and also get prospects to check out your website and your services. Focus on writing content after researching your target audience so that you give them information that they are seeking or something that can benefit them in some way.

Make sure you create social media profiles. Get your content onto your social media profiles, linking back to your blog. This will give your followers and their friend's access to your website.

How to boost the ranking of your business with a local SEO strategy for electricians

· Choose keywords carefully

· Concentrate on keywords with buying purpose

· Optimize the website for keywords and long-tail keywords

· Get credible backlinks

· Create online business directory citations and ensure NAP is consistent and accurate

· Create thorough and accurate Google My Business profile

· Request customers for GMB reviews

· Add valuable blogs and link to them through social media

Final words:

As a local electrician, SEO should be a priority. By adopting search engine optimization techniques, you can climb up the search rankings and ensure you get found by prospective customers. However, track your search engine optimization efforts using the right local SEO analytics tool, like Tribe Local. This will give you comprehensive information about the SEO strategies that are working and the ones that are not doing too well. You can tweak the underperforming strategies to get them to perform better, as a result.

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