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Ways for Employment Agencies to Increase their Reach through Local SEO

Employment agencies are present in all the business hubs. The fact that fake recruitment consultants are more than genuine businesses has increased the requirement of local SEO for employment agencies. Hence, it is necessary to build an impeccable online presence so that the job searchers do not suspect your authenticity. Learn the best search engine optimization strategies, exclusively implementable for your industry, through this blog and utilize them for good.

1. Be there for your customers (Presence in all the directories)

Search engines drive 93% of the traffic and therefore, it is good to be present in multiple local directories. The DA of these directories is higher and hence, the chances of appearing in the top searches increases if you are detailing about yourselves there. Listing in local directories and notable guest blogging websites are considered a part of Internet marketing of the employment agencies. Guest posting for local companies, institutions, and colleges can get you good visibility. As your customers, i.e. job seekers will be searching through Google and Bing generally, proving your worth for them won’t be an issue, once you are present in all the directories online.

2. Get the most from your brand by talking about it (video, audio, or text content on the pages)

Videos and audios are given special preference by the search engines. So, it is a good SEO strategy to add videos to your web pages. Additionally, quality content and optimized images are also needed to maintain your credibility for Google. A good SEO company would suggest you add long text content and impressive visual content. To build an impeccable presence of your brand in the nearby areas, you should consider posting user-specific and engagement content. Publishing about jobs, skill-attainment, career choice, and local business trends, for example, can get you good enough traffic and conversion.

3. Stand out from your competitors (Offer discounts, add CTAs and promotional links)

Competition is high when it comes to the employment domain. Search engines receive numerous job search queries every day. The rivals are also using the same keywords as your agency. Hence, marketing strategy for local SEO should be built smartly, rather than going for a conventional approach. You can try offering discounts and promote the offer links on social media. To impress the users, landing on your page, there should be good CTAs, with effective design elements added to them. You can try running campaigns for specific keywords, which are most-search in your area.

4. Empower your Team members (Add content about them including photos)

Brand-building also requires recognition among the locals. For that, you can add the detailed descriptions about your team members on your website. Integrating their pictures and social links to the description will be an added advantage. As these details will be organically rich in keywords, search engines will automatically start preferring you. Marketing carefully is necessary for the employment agency domain. So, ask your SEO service provider to add these details in such a way that it doesn’t look false. Design elements and text, both, are the deciding element for that.


Local SEO Guide for Employment Agencies

Success for an employment agency depends majorly on the local businesses, most importantly when the company is at the startup stage. One and the most effective way to achieve it is to consider the local SEO techniques for the employment agency business.

Search Engine Optimization techniques are in high demand these days for marketing any business digitally, as these give awesome results to attract traffic instantly. Local SEO is one of them. Google has advanced their search algorithms to such an extent that it can search almost everything with a single click. So did the other big names in search engines. They have made their focus on local searches and local businesses more than ever before. As per a survey conducted by Hubspot, almost 76% of local search gets converted into business.

What is Local SEO for Employment Agencies?

In general, Local SEO is a technique or strategy to attract local businesses using the searches made on search engines. In other words, optimization of search engines locally to boost the ranking of your business online. Local SEO is one of the existing off-site SEO techniques that are needed for any online business.

Aspiring candidates looking for jobs or small startup companies that depend on small agencies to hire a candidate, search recruitment agencies from their phones, tablets, etc. In the case of searches like these, search engines give preference to the local businesses that are listed in the database of the search engines. Therefore, if the search engines get to know that your employment agency work from a particular location, it can increase the chances of your agency being noticed locally in each search.

To find a local recruitment agency nearby, the companies or candidates enter keywords like “recruitment agencies in Mumbai” on the search engine. Geographic locations such as towns, city, state, etc. are entered on the search engine with the main keyword “employment agency”. Also, a local business can be searched using “employment agencies near me” by Google’s new search algorithm along with google maps and location services of the devices.

Why should you opt for Local SEO as an Employment Agency?

If your employment agency or recruitment agency is operating on a small scale and you do not want to invest too much in bigger marketing strategies right now, a search engine marketing strategy like local SEO is the best way to market your business. Local SEO is as effective as other business strategies and at the same time very cost-effective. An effective local SEO technique can drive higher quality local business which can be converted into your potential customers in good numbers.

Here are some benefits of using local SEO for employment agencies:

· Competitors are Less

For the local businesses, competing with all and every business out there is difficult. When a small recruitment agency targets the local businesses through local SEO, competitions are lesser and particular to that geographic location only.

· Cost-Effective

Creating an online presence and market your agency digitally can be costly. To get your business listed in the top ranks of the search engines as well as spend less money can be possible only through local search engine optimization.

· Better Visibility

As a new startup employment agency, one challenge for getting companies or candidates as potential organizations gets visibility. You may opt for the traditional strategies like fliers, advertisement in local newspapers, etc. It is effective but takes a lot of time. Moreover, in this era of the digital boom, everyone is aware and uses technologies like the internet and gadgets. People tend to search more through search engines than on print media today. So, to become visible online, local SEO is the savior for small businesses.

· Faster Search

It is boring or time taking for companies or job-seeking candidates to hop from one website to another to know the services of different agencies. So, listing in search engines locally, give them a ready reference of what they want. Faster searches increase the chances of getting recognized and found locally to a great extent.

· Local business-friendly search Algorithms

Advanced algorithms of search engines are smarter to know the culture and behavior of the local people of a specific geographical region. Therefore, these search engines are optimized for the benefit of the local businesses as per the region and locality.

· Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings really matter when it comes to finding a service like employment agencies. As per some researchers, good history of the agencies and reviews from the employers helps future companies to opt for a recruitment agency for their services. Even, bad reviews are important for any local business. We'll discuss this in detail later here.

Step by Step Guide to the local SEO for Employment Agencies:

Now, that we have come to know the advantages of local search engine optimization, let us dive deep into the mechanisms to implement it for your business. Here is a step by step guide to implementing local SEO optimization for your recruitment agency –

1. Citation Building (NAP + W):

The most important thing while establishing a local business is to build your citations right. Citations are the references to your Name, Address, and Phone Number and if you have a website, then the Web address or URL of the website.

Imagine a situation where you are looking for an employment agency for some urgent recruitment and name, address or phone numbers are missing for some of them. Would you prefer to return to them in the future? The answer is NO. To build the trust of prospective clients and let them contact you physically, you have to list your name address, and phone number correctly online. There are two ways to build citations –

A. Manually – There are many search engines, social media, and other online resources where citations are needed to be listed. You can choose to enter your NAP manually everywhere and take a spreadsheet to keep track of them. But the problem with this method is there are high chances of mistakes and human errors.

It is seen that if your NAP is not correct or updated, it will drive you towards potential business losses. So, as a business owner, you need to make sure your name, address, and phone number listings are updated and correct everywhere. For this, you have to audit NAP citations regularly.

B. Automate NAP – There are some automated citation services like data aggregators submission services through which you can upload your service everywhere online. These services are paid, but you can be assured that there are the least chances of manual mistakes and your citations are the same everywhere. However, you still need to audit your checklists once in a while, constantly. Some example of data aggregators is – Brightlocal, Mozlocal, Synup, Whitespark, Advice Local, etc.

C. Along with NAP, there are some other things you need to do when you are building your citations for your local business.

i. If you are having a website for your employment agency, make sure you are getting a personalized domain for your business over a generic one. In the case of emails also a domain like abc@xyzrecruitment.com will get preference over abc@gmail.com

ii. Local landline numbers will do the trick when it comes to trust-building. Customers will be assured that your company is real and there is a real office in a physical geographic location. Mobile numbers could change.

iii. When you are using services like Google My Business, you need to select the correct business category. Imagine if your employment business name shows under the category “restaurants”, It will lose customer trust as well as search engine rankings.

iv. Listing your business in local directory services like yellow pages are still relevant and as important as online business listings.

v. Last but not least, you need to audit online citation information regularly and even the smallest discrepancy found in data anywhere has to be noted down and fixed instantly.

vi. If you own a website, the correct NAP format needs to be updated on the website’s schema markup.

2. Clean up Data:

Once listing update, upload, and creation are done, it is time to verify what has been done. Even you are managing and updating listings by automated services, there are chances to have a duplicate listing on a single platform. How can this happen? Search engines' algorithms take even a single data change in two uploads, as another listing. This way there will be two listings in the name of your company with the smallest change of data. This will create confusion among customers and you'll lose the trust of your clients potentially.

Another issue faced in managing data is inactive listings. If your listings are not active and data is not updated for a long time, it may lead to business loss. So, these duplicate and inactive listings are needed to be cleaned up regularly.

3. Earning Local Reviews:

Believe it or not, local reviews are very important for a business like employment services. Both, positive and negative reviews are equally important for establishing your clientele. 90% of the starches converted to potential businesses after seeing positive reviews and ratings online. You can use strategies like asking your existing customers for writing reviews, prizes, or discount coupons for writing a review, etc. to encourage them to write a review and give ratings for your business.

No business can get 100% customer satisfaction. So, there will be negative reviews too. Negative reviews are good as they show that you are real. You can use these negative reviews as feedbacks and use them to update your services regularly.

4. Create Web Presence:

After the listings and reviews, the platform people depend on to talk about a local business is the web and social media. Creating a web presence is very important these days as everyone uses the internet and some platform or the other 24*7. So, if you have a good reputation and visibility online, you will double your chances to get businesses locally. Following are the steps you need to do to create a local presence –

  • You can depend on Content Marketing as a tool to create a web presence effectively. Making genuine and good content will increase your visibility online instantly.

  • Include case studies and success stories of employers and aspiring candidates.

  • Add pictures, selfies of yourself, your employees, clients with your business hoarding will add up on building client's trust when you will be searched through search engines.

  • Use social media to build a tremendous web presence. Social media like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. will increase your visibility online and spread your name like fire. You need to choose your relevant social media and create a profile of businesses. Some social media has paid marketing services that are very cheap which you may opt too.

  • Design and optimize your website to be search engine friendly. Use traditional SEO techniques to do so.

  • Use techniques like search engine backlink to increase your online presence.

  • You can hire a local SEO company to do all these for you. The experts will do all the necessary steps and you just need to sit back and concentrate on your business.

How to Enhance your Local Search Engine Ranking in Employment Agencies

Local SEO for employment agencies depends a lot upon the implementation of online marketing for the specific geometric area. Choice of keywords, pay-per-click advertising tactics, Google MAP, local SEO citations, and many other things play an important role in deciding the search traffic and conversions for your employment agency. Here are some good techniques to rank high for your services and drag more people to pick you as their service provider:

  • Implement a good content marketing strategy and always post content, to which your audience can relate.

  • For valuable SEO backlinks, the go-ahead for the guest posting. Always publish the content on the websites with high DA.

  • For efficient Google Local SEO, you should be present in the ‘Google My Business’ directory and on Google Maps.

  • Hire a good SEO agency to handle your online posting, keyword research, and other tasks related to search engines.

  • Try getting more and more genuine reviews from your local clients.

  • Consider social media marketing, alongside SEO.

  • Local SEO citations are needed for employment agencies and local businesses. So, get registered in all the local directories.

  • Perform on-page SEO to increase your website’s rank.

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