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Local SEO for Event Planners

Bring more customers by executing basic SEO steps to Event Planners

Ensure your citations are up to date:

Why do you search the internet? Very simple, we do it to gain information. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to have updated information on their website. As event planners, you should not ignore SEO under any circumstances. A minor spelling mistake can cause a business to go away from you. For you, ‘St’ and ‘Street’ might be a simple spelling error, but for the Google bots, it can be a big headache. This results in Google pulling down your ranking considerably. Hence, updated information is necessary for ranking high on the local SEO.

Confirm your presence for your customers every time:

Customers are the heart and soul of any business enterprise. Event planners have to be available for their customers at all times. Hence, it makes great sense to be available on all local directories. It is also a great idea to list your names in the neighboring directories as well. Having a dedicated mobile app is one of the best ways of confirming your presence for your customers every time. Local SEO listing is essential for event planners for obvious reasons.

Stand out from the crowd:

Competition is bound to be there in every field. Event planning is a competitive field in its way. The competition is of a different kind but is definitely available. The best way to overcome the competition is to do something different. This allows you to stand out from the crowd. Event planners can give attractive discounts to their customers. It is also a good move on your part to offer promotional links to your corporate customers. You can earn valuable backlinks as well that can help propel you to the top of the local search SEO.

Give your brand name a tremendous boost:

No business can survive without an effective advertising campaign. Event planning allows you the maximum scope for building up a reliable brand. This is because you can make events successful for others. This helps you build up effective contacts at the right places. Nevertheless, you have to fuel your advertising campaign from time to time either through video or audio campaigns. You have social media as well today that is capable of augmenting your search engine rankings. Effective content on your web pages can make a great contribution in improving your SERPs

Local SEO for Event Planners

Introduction: Build your reputation by helping people celebrate

You must have seen a lot of successful events. You can take the example of the recently concluded Miss World Beauty pageant. To others, it must have been just a successful event. However, for the people behind the huge success of this event, it must have been hours of continuous hard work. These people usually remain in the background, but now they are making their presence felt throughout the world because of their professionalism. Seeking the services of a successful event management company has become the focal point of every event today.

1. Event management companies require SEO

This is the age of extensive marketing. Every business tries every trick in the book to remain ahead of its competitors. You have advanced marketing metrics like SEO to contend with. The question on everyone’s lips is, “Do event management companies need SEO?” The answer to this question has to be a resounding YES. They do require an effective local SEO campaign to be more successful.

2. Importance of local SEO

People living in Seattle will search for event planners in Seattle. They will not search for planners in Dallas. Hence, it becomes important for event planning companies to have a strong local SEO campaign. People in the neighborhood should know about the availability of such services in their locality. Hence, it pays to invest in a solid local SEO strategy. Let us look at the factors that help you in your endeavor.

3. What is SEO?

We are not going into the technical definition of SEO. By now, everyone knows that. We shall see what an effective SEO can do for an event management company. What do you do when you wish to search for an event planner? Do you still refer to the big voluminous yellow pages? Naturally, that breed is becoming extinct today. Google is the new Yellow pages today. You type out your search phrases in Google and other search engines. Within no time you get a long list of event planners. This is the beauty of SEO. It is useful for every business.

4. How does it work?

You are living in Seattle. As you are looking for an event planner in your neighborhood, you take to Google and type out the words ‘event planning company in Seattle’. This is what you get as a result.

Does this make your job easy? In a way, it should. You get a list of such planners in your area. This makes it easy for you to locate them as the search gives you their addresses and phone numbers as well. This is the power of the search engines like Google and the others like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

We shall now look at some intricate aspects such as off-page SEO and on-page SEO in this article. Consider the off-page SEO items first.

5. Off-page SEO

Take a close look at the image presented above. The first two entries have the words AD written just below the names of the companies. What does this signify? This shows that these companies have paid for including their names on the first page of the search engines. This is the paid Ads concept. This is an effective off-page SEO technique that can help you get a top rank on the search engine rankings

Come to the second part of the same image. You have a map as well as some names listed below. This is the GMB page listing. GMB stands for Google My Business. This has become the most effective tool in marketing today. Claiming your GMB listing is also an effective off-page SEO tactic.

6. Claim your GMB listing today

How do you do so? In fact, this should be the easiest tactic of all. Getting a GMB listing is easy. Go to the official GMB website and register your company name for listing. You have to fill up a simple form. The form contains details like your company name, address, contact information, website name, zip code, and category, etc. Submit the same and wait for the verification. Once Google verifies the same, you get a GMB listing.

The question is how you get to the top. We shall look at these aspects in this article at the appropriate location. However, you should be careful of providing the correct address. Secondly, you have to be consistent with the information you give. If you list your street name as ‘California Ave’ in one place, it has to be ‘California Ave’ in all the places. Substituting the same with ‘Avenue’ or ‘Street’ can confuse the search engine bots thereby pulling down your ranking considerably.

Check out for duplicate listings. It is a very common phenomenon for many businesses to take a piggyback ride on the shoulders of successful business enterprises. Such endeavors can bring down your rankings. Check out the duplicate ones and take steps to remove them same.

If you have a map placeholder, it is a great idea. This will help people to locate your address easily. You will be able to attract new business in this manner. The question of accuracy raises its head even at this point. It is imperative to place the pin at the right point for an effective local search SEO campaign to take effect.

7. Improve your organic search

This is another image of the same search page that we have used earlier in the article. Take a close look at the names on the list.

What does this list signify? This list is the organic search results. Your objective should be to rank high among this list as well in addition to the GMB listing. Improving your rank on this list requires you to have a strong on-page SEO strategy. Let us look at how to develop a strong campaign to get your name among the top of the organic search results.

8. Have a great looking website:

How does the home page look in the image? Naturally, your answer is, ‘It looks great’. This is what takes your ranking to the top of the local search SEO. Having an aesthetically great looking website can pay rich dividends. Look at the website closely. It has everything a top event planning website should have. An attractive home page followed by an informative Services page. Contacting the company is easy as you have the information on the home page itself at a prominent location. You have galleries that can display attractive photographs. You have the testimonials as well where your existing customers would have posted great reviews. In short, this is what a home page should look like.

9. Content is the King every time

What is the most effective aspect of a successful SEO campaign? If you had asked this question 20 years ago, my answer would have been ‘Content’. If you ask me the same question 20 years hence, my answer will remain the same, ‘Content’. Since you have asked me this question today, I am duty-bound to answer it now. It should be no surprise that my answer remains ‘Content’.

Does this surprise you? It should not because effective content always rules SEO. When we say ‘effective content’ we mean original, fresh, and informative. If the content has a sense of positive humor, it becomes a greater combination. Genuine information can always attract people. Remember, it is the most difficult task today to hold the attention of people for a long time. If your content makes them stay for a longer time on your website, the chances of conversion of leads increase manifold.

10. Optimize your keywords

Optimum use of keywords is the key to success. If you use the words ‘event planner’ as your keyword, you get a wide range of options to choose from. It can happen that your choice might be lurking in the second or third pages of the search engines. Now, who searches these pages today?

At the same time, if you use the keyword ‘event planner in Seattle’ or ‘event planner in California Ave Seattle’, the search narrows down a great deal. This is what local search is all about. People living in the vicinity of California Ave will not opt to look for an event planner from the opposite part of the town. Be careful with the use of keywords in your content. Have a liberal sprinkling of these long-tailed keywords that can help your website to rank higher for that particular keyword.

11. Title and Description Meta tags

Be very precise with your title and Meta description. You do not have many words to play with. Your title tag cannot extend more than 40 characters whereas your Meta description can go up to 160 to 200. Use your keywords intelligently. People read these descriptions a lot before proceeding further. Many a time, it has been noticed that people drop the idea after going through the description Meta tags. A good strategy should place great emphasis on these aspects.

12. Citations are effective

SEO citations play a great role in local SEO strategies. It is very important to list in all the local directories to enable you to advertise your presence in the market. People do look for event planners in their localities as well as their neighboring localities. Hence, it is good to have listings in all local directories. Event planning has wide implications as an industry. Many industries can link up to it in some way or the other. There are industry sectors like entertainment, dance, catering, news, etc that have connections with event planning. It is beneficial to list in all such directories. The more citations and listing you have, the better are your chances of conversion. Use TribeLocal’s cheap industry wise citations to get the best deals at the most inexpensive prices.

13. Build effective links

Link building is one of the strongest pillars of SEO. You should have strong internal as well as external links to rank high on the search engine pages. An effective website allows you to have strong internal links. You can link up to your services pages from anywhere on the website using intelligently placed internal links. The FAQ pages can serve as perfect targets to insert internal links to your other main pages.

Similarly, you should concentrate on building up strong SEO backlinks as well. Event planners have contacts with large corporates and other organizations. They can use these contacts to build up strong backlinks. It becomes easy for you to ask a corporate for whom you have done a successful campaign to link up to your website. Gathering backlinks from authority websites can be very useful in improving your SEO rankings.

14. Reviews play a great role as well

If you do good work, generating positive reviews should not be a problem at all. You may be doing great work, but people should know about you. That is more important. Strong positive reviews about the good work you do should take you up the ladder on the SERPs. People love to read reviews before enlisting the services of event planners. We take your attention back to the first image that we have in this article. If you look at the GMB listings carefully, you will find mention of reviews. This is the importance of reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the higher the ranking you attain.

15. Social media has great importance today

Any kind of internet marketing without including social media in it would be less effective. Social media has a tremendous reach with practically every person having more than one social media account. This is the best medium for any event management company to seek out new customers. They can announce their plans on social media. Uploading attractive pictures and sharing information is also easy using this medium.


· Have an effective off-page SEO marketing strategy.

· Claim your GMB listing and have it updated at regular intervals

· An effective and attractive website is essential for improving your local search engine rankings

· Optimize your keywords to build an effective SEO content

· Citations and backlinks play a great role in placing you on the first page of the organic search

· Customer reviews help you to announce your presence in a grand manner

· Social media marketing provides the impetus to your campaign of ranking high on the SERPs.

Final words:

Event management companies can do with local SEO campaigns because that is where their businesses are. Event planning companies have great scope today with every person in the world vying to score some brownie points over the others. A beautifully planned wedding event or a cultural or sports event can linger in the minds of people for a long time, thanks to the effective event management planners in the industry. An effective SEO campaign is useful for their success.

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