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Local SEO for Financial Services

Bring more customers by executing basic SEO steps to your Financial Services

Have a presence in all local directories - Be available for your customers

Why do people need financial services? This is because they need to trust someone to manage their wealth/finances. The principal objective of managing finances is to earn interest income and multiple the wealth while maintaining the security. Hence, if you are a financial expert, people will definitely need your services. You should have a presence in all local directories as well as in a couple of neighboring directories as well. Business is welcome from anywhere. Maintaining constant contact with your customer is necessary to build up rapport and trust.

Offer the bait and spread your net wide – Stand out from your competitors

Acknowledge the competition in your field and take steps to overcome it. That could entail you giving out attractive discounts on services. Promotional links are fine to attract fresh customers. Have a CTA option on each of your webpages to allow customers to provide immediate feedback. Think of something new and unique that you can provide to your clients. Advice on taxation matters when they come for investment purposes should be a welcome addition. Share your knowledge for the benefit of your customers. The rankings will take care of themselves.

Local SEO for Financial Services

Introduction: Help people make the decision of their lives

Financial services and trust go hand in glove. Your customers should have the requisite trust in you. After all, they are placing their hard-earned money in your hands. It is your prime responsibility to ensure they get a fair return. Remember, one satisfied customer can bring in a hundred more. At the same time, one disgruntled customer can not only take away existing customers but also dissuade fresh ones from availing your services. Hence, customer service is equally important. Under such circumstances, a local SEO strategy can play a great role in helping you secure a top rank on the Google search page.

Financial services – Need for local SEO:

Why do you need a local SEO for financial services? You have been running a famous financial advisory company for the past three years. You have a lot of loyal customers. They do the advertising for you and bring in new clients. Do you need a separate SEO campaign? Yes, you need one because the world is changing and so are the preferences of people. Your thoughts should align with that of the clients. Otherwise, it does not take time for you to lose the, because of the high level of competition in the market. Investing in a strong online marketing campaign is the need of the hour. Let us go through the process in detail.

Understand the mood of the clients

This is an online world. People receive funds online and they transact online as well. Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative for you to be present for them online and offer your famed services online. Consider the normal scenario in any house today. A gentleman has just retired from a multinational company. He has just received a large amount from his bank. Where do you think he will seek advice to manage his funds? Naturally, the best place to do so is the internet. Type in the words, ‘financial services planner in Florida’ and you get a whole lot of them on the search page. Imagine you have nearly a million searches on Google. The following graphic tells it all.

Do you feel overwhelmed now? You should be because that is the extent of competition today. Your principal objective is to rank at the top of the heap on the first page of Google search. Following the steps listed below can certainly take you right up there. However, things do not happen overnight. You have to do the hard work. The results will come automatically.

Build up your Off-page SEO:

Remember you are not the only business trying to rank on the first page of Google. You are competing with thousands of others at a global level. However, as far as local SEO is concerned, you do have a limited field. This gives you a ray of hope. You can do your homework right and sprint right ahead of the rest of the field. One way of doing it is to build up your off-page SEO. This is how you do it.

Understand the different types of Google listings:

Look closely at the search engine result page of Google. You will find different types of listing. They are as follows.

1. PPC listing (Pay per Click)

Consider the same example that we had listed earlier. Your search for a financial advisor in Florida leads here.

Pay attention to the first name on the page. You will see a small box with the words Ad typed inside it. This is the PPC advertising concept. It entails that you pay the website to get your name listed on this page. Remember these are strictly parts of Search Engine Marketing and not Search Engine Optimization. You can try this way out as well to be a bit different from your competitors. You should know this concept.

2. Google My Business listing

What does the following graphic convey? It is a copy of the Google My Business (GMB) listing. Every business should have its unique GMB listing. Acquiring one for a financial advisor is not going to be difficult at all. Access the official page of Google My Business and complete the information sought for by Google. Ensure to enter details accurately. Be careful while choosing the category. There can be a lot of similar-sounding categories that can mislead you. Google will send you a verification code. Once you complete the process, your listing is complete. Have a map placeholder in place to help new customers get the necessary directions to drive up to your business location. Include a few landmarks to make it more convenient for people to find you. Yes, this is the crux of the matter. You need customers to find you and not the other way around. A GMB listing is an effective off-page SEO tactic.

3. Organic search

This is the organic search result for the top financial advisors in Florida. Your primary objective is to top this list in your local search SEO. Remember there are different types of listings for different services. If you do not rank in one service, you should not despair. There are always other services where you might end up with a top rank. This explains why you should list on different local directories service wise and industry-wise. The efforts exerted by your team can also help you ace the rankings provided you give them the requisite support and responsibility.

4. Build up effective backlinks

In the not too recent past, a host of backlinks would have been enough to propel you to the top of the SERPs. This had prompted website owners to buy backlinks from the internet. Google saw through this unfair practice and came up with a new algorithm, The Penguin Update. In one stroke, it negated every such attempt to gain backdoor entry into the SERPs.

Now, you have to earn your backlinks. Hence, it is advisable for your company to link up to the websites that matter. You can link up to the top financial services providers in your city and seek backlinks. It is not that easy, but you have to make the try. You can write an informative blog and submit it to them seeking a backlink in return. This is an effective technique. The search engine bots of Google are experienced enough to verify the source of the backlinks before ranking the page on the search engine. Seeking backlinks from authority websites does matter. One backlink from an authority website equals more than a hundred from cheap websites. We have given you the tip. You tread your path and seek the right backlink to help push up your rank on the local SEO.

Develop a strong on-page SEO campaign:

You have seen the techniques using which you can develop an off-page SEO strategy. That alone should not be enough. You need to have an effective on-page SEO campaign as well. We shall see the steps involved that can help you develop this aspect of your strategy to move to the top of the SERPs.

Build up an effective website: Have a strong and attractive home page

Bill Gates had once said, “If your business is not online, you better-shut shop and remain home.” When a person of the caliber of Bill Gates says something, you have to listen. Having a strong website should be one of your prime concerns. Hire an expert to build up an effective website. It goes without saying that it requires an attractive home page. This is where your customer will first land when he clicks on your website link on the SERP.

Remember, the first impression is the last one. If you manage to attract the customer the first time, you have won half the battle. Your home page should have links to every other page on the website. If you look through any website you will find that they have the following main categories.

  • About Us and Contact Us page: This is where you put u your business address and contact telephone numbers. Ensure to maintain consistency in your NAP information. A minor difference can also lead the search engine bots way off the track.

  • Services Page: List out each of the services you offer on this page. Remember to have a separate page for each service. This is because the search engine bots like to rank individual webpages as well on the SERPs. Including multiple services on a single webpage can confuse matters. Having a couple of external links to authority websites on each services page lends a sense of genuineness to your content. This can also help you to seek backlinks from such websites.

  • FAQ Page: You can use this page to clear all the doubts your clients can ever have. You must have encountered various clients in the past. Hence, filling up this page should not be a problem at all. Note to have internal links from the FAQ pages to the service pages. This can help people to directly jump to the location they need instead of groping in the dark.

  • Blog Page: This is the right place for you to share information with your clients. Having an interactive blog page is very useful. Your customers get the feeling that they are part of the website. This feeling can help increase your popularity thereby improving your ranking.

Strong compelling content is essential: Optimize your keywords

Having a first page rank on Google alone does not help. Remember, it is easy to reach the top, but very difficult to maintain the status. It will not take much time for a competitor to knock you down the perch. Effective content can help you maintain a strong position. Ensure to have updated information. The content should be genuine, fresh, and sincere. Plagiarism does not stand any chance at all in SEO.

The attention span of today’s customers is very limited. Hence, it is imperative to grab his attention for as long as possible. Effective content alone can do that. Compelling content can get you the backlinks you desire.

One point to note while writing content is to manage your keywords properly. Keywords are important because that is what your clients use when they search for the best financial planners/advisors. Make intelligent use of the primary and secondary keywords in the content. Ensure to maintain the right density and spacing. The optimum density should be around 3%. Using long-tailed keywords is also very useful to rank high on the search engine. It is always better to have the primary keyword along with the geographical location like ‘financial planners Florida’ or ‘financial retirement fund investors Seattle’. This is very important for your local SEO campaign.

Reviews matter:

Customer reviews have a very important bearing on your search engine ranking. If you glance through the GMB listing page, you will find a mention of the number of reviews available. The more the number of positive reviews, the better is your ranking. This should not be a difficult task for you. Your existing clients can give you positive feedback. You can email them and seek positive feedback. If your services are satisfactory, there is no way they will ever refuse.

Effective SEO marketing:

We had seen one aspect of SEO marketing in the PPC concept. Note that you should try out every marketing trick in the book to rank high on the SERPs. One way to do so is to have listed in all local directories. You can also go ahead and list out in neighboring directories as well. Industry-wise listing is essential, but you should also have cross-listing in allied industries. Financial services can consist of loans, mortgages, investments, stock markets, and insurance. Risk management is also a part of financial services. Having a listing in each of these industry-wise local directories is advisable.

Social media marketing:

Social media is the King today. Any business that is not active on social business is literally non-existent. Have a dedicated social media page where you can link up to your clients as well as your peers in the industry. Sharing of information is very important for overall growth. There cannot be a better medium to share information than social media. Your maximum customers have a social media presence. Hence, it is imperative to have social media links on each webpage of the website.

Have a separate mobile website/application:

In the past, it was enough to have a website that was compatible with viewing on mobile. Today, this theory does not hold water. It is better to have a separate mobile website. Having a dedicated mobile application is much better. This is because most of the clients prefer to browse the internet using their mobiles. Hence, having a presence in this field is important for securing a high rank on the SERPs. Google lays more emphasis on websites having a dedicated mobile website.


  • Move with the trend

  • Have an effective off-page SEO strategy

  • Claim your GMB listing and be consistent with your NAP information

  • Build up an attractive website

  • Have compelling content to grab the attention of your client

  • Manage your linking strategy including your backlinks

  • Social media marketing is the king

  • Go mobile

Final words:

Financial services are just like any other business. They require a strong local SEO strategy to succeed in this competitive world today. An effective campaign can build up the trust factor with your client. This is the most important aspect of any financial services business. Once you win over the trust of the client, he is there for you at all times. Similarly, it places great responsibility on you as well to be available for him at all times. Following these steps listed above can help you build up an effective Local SEO for financial services.

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