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Local SEO for Flooring Companies

Bring more customers by executing basic SEO steps to your Flooring Companies Services

Build your authority not just in the real world, but online too:

To establish your business’s name and expertise in the local area as a flooring company to watch out for, it is crucial that you go beyond just having a good-looking website and publish blogs and articles on your own website and on that of others too. The more knowledge you share, the more people will look up to you when they are in trouble with their flooring. Demonstrating your subject matter expertise is another form of content marketing, something the team at TribeLocal holds expertise in. We analyze the market to help you build your authority as a leader in the flooring business.

Analyze your SEO strategy:

Strategies are meant to help you achieve your goals, and you would not be moving in the right direction, or have already reached your goal, until you track it. At TribeLocal we take tracking advertising and marketing initiatives using SEO tools like Google Analytics (a well-renowned tracking platform) very seriously. These tools not only help us get you the required and relevant data but also help us analyze things like sales, leads, cost per lead, etc., for each individual campaign that we run for you. This way you can always change the direction of a strategy with our expertise to achieve your goals in a better way for faster results.


Everyone who owns and runs a business has a different mindset from that of the other. While some are open-minded towards adopting new technologies and paving the way for new innovations in their business, few are still stuck in the fence of traditional ways of running a business. The one who still likes to run the business in a traditional way might be right in their own way if they are making a profit.

But, having said this, being in a business like flooring, where new technologies crop up every day and new designs lure everyone with their freshness, do you really wish to run the business staying away from an audience that is tech-savvy? We bet you do not! Internet marketing is growing at a steady pace, which is why it is time to learn about new ways of promoting your business and adding new feathers to your tactics of running the business. One of them is having a website that really works wonders for you, and knowing the minute details about search engine optimization (SEO).

As the world is changing, the minds of your customers are too changing. Statistics reveal that around 70-80 percent of people check out a business online before approaching them. Before they even reach your website, they need to know that you exist. That there is a business as quality-oriented as yours. Merely having a content-rich website is not enough these days. It is time to mark your presence on the World Wide Web by making use of local search engine optimization.


To learn the basics of SEO, let’s being with understanding what are keywords and how do keywords work?

Keywords are what someone types on the internet’s search engine pages to look for some information. For example, you may have typed keywords related to learning local SEO for flooring companies, which landed you on this page. Your customers will in a similar fashion type in keywords related to your products and services to reach out to you. But, people not only seek information about a business or related subjects, but they also search for particular stores. This is where keywords for local SEO comes in, for it helps someone narrow down their search and at the same time put you out there from where a potential customer can easily get in touch with you.

For instance, you may be in the process of building a house and might look for flooring companies online to pick the best one. Here, while searching for flooring companies, you would certainly like to narrow down your search and look for flooring companies in your local area. Because that might save you the trouble of going through an entire list and locating someone who might be easily available to get the job done for you. For this, you might type keywords like:

  • Flooring companies in Sacramento

  • Hardwood floor company on Lexington Avenue, New York

  • Best flooring companies in Bakersfield

If you are betting on local SEO and have implemented the right strategies already, chances are high that your company falls on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP). This also means that when your customer adds keywords that narrows down their search, area-wise, they land up on your business website, and could turn in a potential client. Albeit, your website is as impressive as your SERP ranking. Just in case you have not thought about implementing SEO in such a lucrative manner, then it is time you learn the strategies to do so.

Ways to Boost Local SEO for your Flooring Company:

The flooring industry has some serious players who might also be your direct competitors. There is a possibility that they are already spreading their wings in the World Wide Web and making use of SEO to uplift their business. But, it does not mean you should accept the situation as it is, it means that you must make use of the below-mentioned strategies to help your potential customers find you. And the sooner you get going, the sooner can you reap the benefits.

  • Online marketing beings with having a user-friendly website. The easiest way to win business from your competitors is to have a website that has an updated web design that matches the ongoing trend, is updated on a regular basis with unique and original content that is SEO rich and has the right SEO backlinks at the right place. Backlinks are how you can bring your website and the business at large more credibility and win the confidence of a client. Your customers must know that many other genuine and upscale websites support your endeavor and therefore has your content published on their website.

  • Focus on quality content that speaks volumes about your company in the least amount of words. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, your work should do the talking more than your website. But, in order to make a lasting first impression on your clients, you must be able to talk about things that are true and make sense. This is possible when you put the right thought behind writing content for the website by using the least amount of words in the most effective manner that puts your message across. The end-user, your customers are getting smarter. If you try to overwhelm them with content that just twirls their minds, chances are that they will not hesitate in switching to another website.

  • Local SEO for small business must work along with having social media profiles that you manage just like the website. Your presence on social media must be in sync with what you do on the websites and vice versa. Right from the look and feel to the kind of content and visual on a post on each, they must be related so that they look like coming from the company. When they are not in sync, it creates confusion in the minds of the customer, who may not be able to relate to them. Internet marketing has many components that are equally powerful, and in order to rise above the rest, you ought to make use of each of them smartly and in a strategic manner.

  • Include blogging for effective content marketing, not just to keep adding content to your website, but to add content that has popular subjects (in trend) and useful for the reader. Someone may end up on your website looking for the latest information on floorings, or to know more about flooring. Your website should be equipped to handle both situations by having content that suits every type of reader. While at it, do not forget to add relevant keywords about your products and services without going overboard. Keyword stuffing can have a negative impact, something you should always steer clear of.

  • Any search engine out there is unaware of your business. They know only what you tell them. Therefore, building citations on local listings, especially Google is an important exercise that will ensure your business’s name, address, phone number description, etc., is accurate and updated all through the internet. People do not take more than a minute to take out their phones and look for a business or a store. In such a scenario, having the right information upfront will enable them to contact you easily.

  • Spy on your competitors to know what they are introducing to their customers. While watching your search engine rankings, also make sure you check where your competition stands so that you can improvise your SEO strategy and move in the right direction. What keywords are they focusing on, what are they writing about, how they are luring their customers, etc., are few things you must be aware of at all times. Marketing is not about how you present yourself as a flooring contractor out there, but how you do it way better than your competitor does.

  • Having a website is like having a house. You ought to look at every nook and corner from time to time to ensure that everything is working as it is supposed to be and everything is in place. As you learn about local SEO for flooring companies, one thing you will learn is to never ignore monitoring your website for errors, new links, load times, dead links, etc. Once everything is in working order and works efficiently you will certainly see its reflection on the keyword ranking reports for your local SEO.

  • Google reviews apart from being essential signals for local SEO, are the most powerful way to gain the trust and confidence of new clients. Reviews can reinforce your business vision and showcase you as someone who is trustworthy with the job in hand, therefore do not hesitate to ask your existing customers to leave a small note on Google reviews about their experience with you. This can be also integrated with email marketing wherein you help your customers with writing a review. Make certain that this soft reminder reaches their inbox at the perfect time. Another way to make sure your customers find you easily on Google is to have a Google My Business Page, which has all the right and necessary information one may need.

  • If your flooring companies have many services to offer, having separate web pages for them will be better than having a single-page website. Google ranks every web page separately and not a website as a whole. It may be nice to have all services listed on the home page, but elaborating them individually will give you better chances at content marketing and including relevant keywords. This on-page SEO strategy will be beneficial for off-page too as it will give you a chance to have better SEO backlinks. Again, try to limit your words by having only the necessary information on the webpage and stay away from keyword stuffing. Also, use separate keywords for each web page so that they do not collide during a search.

  • While developing your business website, make certain to pay attention to H1 or header tag (the page title of the webpage), title tag (your website’s tab that is in blue on Google’s SERPs), and meta description (seen in two-line on SERPs) that has a clear and compelling call to action encouraging the visitor to click on the link that would lead them to your flooring company’s website.

  • Lastly, a regular audit every few months would help you take better decisions about how you wish to proceed with internet marketing for your business. A thorough SEO audit must include competitor analysis; SEO software implementation to track campaigns; evaluation of the website’s code, structure and content; backlinks; local SEO citations; analysis and evaluation of your flooring company’s online presence on social media, among others.

SEO can be a game-changer. All you need is the right knowledge to boost your business by uplifting the search results rankings to get ahead of everyone else. An important thing to always remember is that SEO takes time to kick in. Therefore, instead of expecting a miracle in the first month itself, focus on things that would enhance your business website and social media profile to help promote your business.


Local search engine is not a difficult nut to crack, albeit you have the right resources that optimize your website to make your business reach out to the right audience, ahead of the competition. To score the best possible results from search engines, here are few essentials things that you must always pay heed to:

  • As a business owner, you must consider that your website is an extension of your sales team and must be treated with equal importance. Therefore, keep monitoring it closely.

  • Make sure that every webpage on your website has the right code and structure to allow search engine crawlers to do their work.

  • Keep a hawk’s eyes on crucial SEO factors like headings, keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, etc., as these form a part of your on-page SEO strategy.

  • Off-page SEO perhaps is trickier, but creating content that is likable, building broken links, asking for credible sources, are few ways that would not only increase awareness about your company but will also improve its credibility.

  • Give yourself ample time for local SEO citation building and monitor it closely to not miss out on any link that would help a potential customer reach your business website.

  • Track your SEO campaign strategy to make decisions that are data driven.

  • Adopt the track – test – tweak – repeat the method to continuously improve your efforts and to make the most of your campaigns.

  • Focus on being the leader in the flooring industry, an authority that shares the right information. Therefore, write articles that are on popular and useful topics.

  • Make elements like PPC a part of your SEO strategy.

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